Designed for well-being

and productivity


A setting that promises the perfect work-life balance, HTC Keilaniemi Waterfront brings together harmonious workspaces with carefully thought-out services to suit the modern business.

On arrival, the light and spacious reception area has a concierge to welcome tenants and their guests and there are a large number of meeting and conference rooms on the ground floor, perfect for client meetings and private get-togethers.

The heart of the building is the vibrant ground floor restaurant which serves a delicious menu throughout the day and evening and is a hub for informal gatherings outside the office.

Services include

  • Concierge service
  • Conference rooms
  • Stylish restaurant and catering service
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Security service
  • Hairdresser
  • Carwash


Buildings A-C reception and postal services are included in the maintenance charge.

The basic level of service which is provided in the reception area includes a concierge to:

  • receive guests and provide information and guidance
  • announce the arrival of visitors to tenants
  • sign for goods sent by courier and inform the recipient
  • answer emergency calls and pass on relevant information
  • receive requests for service and also forward them to all participants

The concierge is available on workdays between 07:45 and 17:00.


There are 72 parking spaces available outside without barriers, and 528 parking spaces in the parking deck, which is connected to the access control system. Tenants can rent permanent parking space with a separate lease agreement between the owner and the tenant.


Bicycle stands are located in front of the building. There are showers and lockers in building C for use by cyclists. Lockers are managed by the Property Manager.


Property maintenance includes heating, air conditioning and electricity maintenance as well as outdoor cleaning.


HTC Keilaniemi Waterfront has a Property Manager to liaise between tenants and the building owners.

Business Event Platform

Besides the regular Co-Working our Smartvillage offers the perfect location for workshops and events.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms are located on the ground floor. There are 14 conference rooms available for up to 60 people.

Every conference room is equipped with internet access and an AV system.

The conference rooms can be booked for a separate charge from the restaurant.

The conference rooms can be booked for a separate charge from the restaurant ( or 040 660 4776).


Visitors have free WIFI access.


Let’s Play Restaurant ( or 040 660 4776) is located on the ground floor of building B. The newly renovated restaurant serves lunch 10:30 - 13:30 and hot drinks and other beverages until 17:00.

Personal services

Services for tenants' employees are located mainly on the first floor. These include:


A cleaning company takes care of the building’s common area cleaning. Tenants are responsible for organising their own office cleaning.


The access control system is incorporated into a more extensive security system consisting of guarding, locking, burglar and other alarm systems, entrance access control terminals, ID cards as well as an indoor and outdoor CCTV system.

The real estate company has security contracts to secure the outer shell of the building. The property is under district guard outside business hours.

Tenants are welcome to organise separate security contracts to secure their own premises.


Tenants will be charged for the electricity used in their own premises. The electrical costs depend on the current unit price of the energy plus transfer and handling expenses.

Environmental Responsibility

HTC Keilaniemi Waterfront recognises its environmental responsibility. Buildings have energy efficient HVAC and smart lighting systems. There are eight electric car charging stations. There are waste recycling facilities and tenants are also encouraged to use public transport.

Joint facility services

HTC Keilaniemi Waterfront tenants can make collective facility services contracts.

Indoor plant service

Tenants can order indoor plan services such as interior plant design, the plants themselves and their maintenance.

The warm and welcoming restaurant is a 
social hub 
popular with employees 
and clients alike. 
The warm and welcoming restaurant is a social hub,
popular with employees and clients alike.

Recharge with a
beautiful sea view

The spacious and lively restaurant, Let’s Play, is located on the ground floor with stunning views across the water.

Tenants and their guests can choos e from a tasty hot lunch menu. Let’s Play also caters for business lunches and events in individual offices and offers a takeaway menu.

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